Every Business Needs A Website.

But not everyone can pay high website costs. Lancaster Website Company helps you look good for less.


A Better Way To Get A Website.


We know there are a lot of options out there for getting a website for your business. We also know that the best options cost an arm and a leg. Since we’ve been in your shoes, we’re offering an alternative: a website that makes you look good for less than you’d expect. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our work.


Major Issues Businesses Face With Marketing:



Return On Your Investment

“Don’t let your business fall victim to wasting precious dollars on ineffective marketing tactics and tools. Marketing budgets for most companies are already too tight, you simply don’t have the time or finances for strategies that don’t work.”


Understanding Your Customers

Most businesses fall short in their efforts to understand the true wants and needs of their customers. Fostering deep and meaningful relationships is crucial in business as well as in life. As in all interpersonal relationships, from friendship, to marriage, to company-client, trust and the promise of mutual benefits form the foundation for growth. When we put others’ needs first in relationships, we’re more likely to see those relationships thrive.


Keeping Up With Trends

Technology and developing strategies don’t wait around, they are constantly changing and we must be proactive and learn to adjust to these changes. Falling behind the market trends and failing to adapt to technological change will result in your businesses failure.


Lead Generation

In any business leads can be as valuable as gold, however, most businesses fail to generate sufficient leads to see exponential growth. Whether it be the wrong strategy, lacking content, an unappealing landing page, or lacking a Call to Action, you can’t afford to fail in generating leads.


Tracking Results

When you fail to track the results that your marketing strategy is supposed to be bringing you, you’re flying blind and ultimately wasting valuable time and money that could be allocated elsewhere.


Momentum With Your Marketing

When marketing strategies are working in the way in which their supposed to businesses often become complacent and stagnant with the momentum of their marketing campaign. If you’re not checking, analyzing, and revising your strategy, eventually your marketing campaign will come to a screeching halt.

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8/10 Businesses Fail – Don’t Let Poor Marketing Turn Your Business Into A Failure

We at Lancaster Marketing Company want to see your ideas come alive, your businesses thrive, and your marketing strategies strive for perfection. We strive to educate business owners both locally and domestic how to properly market through four simple steps:

  • Attracting the Appropriate Demographic
  • Engaging The Consumer With Your Product or Service
  • Compelling Marketing That Brings Consumers Running
  • Tracking Real Results


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Take Control Of Your Marketing

Lancaster Website Company will work with you to Envision what you want your marketing to be. We will Plan exactly how to create captivating strategies that are trackable and stretch your dollars. We will work together to take Action with your strategy, building momentum behind your marketing that turns your business into an unstoppable churning machine.

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Results That Speak For Themselves




What you get

Getting a budget friendly but effective website is crucial for your success. Lancaster Website Company empowers you to get rid of your marketing headaches while at the same time building a site that works for you. Whether you need a professional online presence or want to generate leads, our packages fit any size business.

Perfect for simple websites or landing pages
Unlimited website pages
Customizable navigation
We build, you Fill
Logo / brand placement
Technological Support
Online Training / Teaching
Built for you to update / manage
Everything in Basic
More theme and platform options
Brand / color Customization
You send, we build and Fill
Built for both of us to manage
Free Consultation
Online Training / Teaching
Everything in Basic, Empowered and Inspired
1 Free whitepaper / Download
Lead Gen focused
Marketing content built the experts
Competitive advantage
Navigation heat mapping
Strategic Analysis
Upfront Search Engine setup
5 Stock Images
2 hour photo shoot
Custom Programming (10hrs)